Krokusowe Sera Odmładzające marki kosmetyków naturalnych Berkovicz.
Nature is the new Luxury
Tatra Anti-aging therapy

Our greatest inspiration when creating skin care cosmetics is nature. This is where the active ingredients come from, ensuring the high effectiveness of the products. To fully use the potential of nature, we also draw on the achievements of science. We have expert knowledge and we follow the latest cosmetology achievements on an ongoing basis. In our formulations, we use only the highest quality ingredients from certified, reputable laboratories.

The prepared products undergo a series of examinations and tests. We confirm their effectiveness and safety of use. This is an extremely important stage for us. Thanks to it, we are sure that our cosmetics will properly care for your skin.

Naturalne kosmetyki marki Berkovicz. Zatroszcz się z nami o najlepszą pielęgnację.
Naturalne kosmetyki marki Berkovicz. Zatroszcz się z nami o najlepszą pielęgnację.

The most important ingredient in our Crocus Rejuvenating Serum is the innovative crocus tuber extract. It is he who makes the effects of the product visible after the first use. The secret of the serum’s effectiveness is to stimulate the communication between keranocytes and fibroplasters, which stimulates the increased production of new collagen and elastin fibers, the main elements responsible for the elasticity and youthful appearance of the skin. The Crocus Serum makes the skin more elastic and supple. It also makes the aging processes begin to reverse.

You will notice the effects of using the Crocus Rejuvenating Serum within the first 14 days. The formula of our product is a new quality in skin care. It contains a unique active ingredient – crocus tuber extract at a concentration of 2%. Using this ingredient in the morning and in the evening for two weeks significantly increases the content of the two most important skin components:
– collagen by 115%
– elastin by more than 25%.

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