Tatry. Stąd pochodzą składniki naturalnych kosmetyków marki Berkovicz.
Nature is the new Luxury

Our brand was created based on a deep faith in the power of nature. The inspiration was and is especially the Tatra Mountains, with all its unique nature.

We love them for their wildness and tranquility, for their simplicity and sophistication at the same time. In the purity of mountain streams, in charming flowers unparalleled anywhere else, in aromatic herbs growing on spectacular halls, there is an extraordinary power, primal powers with surprising effects. And we decided to use them.

Naturalne, roślinne składniki w moździerzu. Poznaj kosmetyki polecanej marki Berkovicz.

In cooperation with skin health specialists – experienced technologists, dermatologists and cosmetologists – we started research into what flowers, fruits and herbs that we know well from mountain hikes hide. We understood how to combine their natural power from extracts, oils and extracts with the achievements of modern science to create natural and effective cosmetics, perfectly harmonizing with the skin.

So the first line of BERKOVICZ cosmetics was created, which is a component of the power of nature with the benefits of modern cosmetology.

Naturalne, roślinne składniki. Poznaj kosmetyki polecanej marki Berkovicz.
Naturalne, roślinne składniki. Poznaj kosmetyki polecanej marki Berkovicz.

The most important thing for us is health and safety.

Therefore, using the latest technologies, we do not use any toxic components in our products, and the preservatives contained in them – necessary, among other things, to keep the products fresh after opening – go through a series of tests to ensure that they do not have any undesirable interactions with the skin and be safe for it. fully non-invasive. Thanks to this, we are sure not only of pleasant and safe operation, but also of satisfactory effects, resulting from the support of the natural physiological processes of the skin, with the use of means that are equally natural for it.

Your natural beauty is our mission, so we want to take care of your skin in the best possible way. Check how BERKOVICZ cosmetics work, feel the power of nature and discover your natural charm with a smooth, radiant, healthy complexion.

Kwiaty. Poznaj bogate w naturalne składniki kosmetyki marki Berkobicz.

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