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Can air quality affect the condition of our skin?

The heatwave is now causing a lot of damage not only to the Earth but also to our own bodies. As it turns out, air quality affects not only our health, but also our skin.

It is well known that the best solution would be to reduce the causes of the heatwave and improve air quality. When we can’t do much, we can always think about the right cosmetics. Their main goal is to build a barrier between our skin and toxic agents, but that’s not all.

The most common skin problems we blame contamination are discoloration, clogged pores, premature aging, eczema and dehydration.

How to fight it?

Czy jakość powietrza może wpływać na stan naszej skóry?

The first and most important stage is cleansing . Preferably as a two or three step process.

  1. Make-up removal & nbsp;
  2. Facial cleansing with oil or gel & nbsp;
  3. Foam cleaning & nbsp; < / strong>

Another is exfoliation . It can be a mechanical peeling or the use of other exfoliants for delicate skin. It does not have to be expensive, you can scrub at home. Crush the walnuts, add a little sugar and a few drops of olive oil and scrub the face with the mixture for about 10 seconds.

Also remember – moisturize ! Well-hydrated skin is less prone to damage. Use deep nourishing creams and lotions or if you want to be more pro-natural, use olive oil or cocoa butter high in vitamin E and anti-oxidants to regenerate the skin.

First of all, take vitamin B3 , which can be taken internally (500-750 mg daily) or topically in creams or serums. Vitamins A, C, and D are also great for antioxidants .

Stay hydrated. Both by drinking plenty of water and using cosmetics on the skin.

Use sunscreen or other sunscreen to protect against UV rays. It is still the most dangerous environmental stressor, not as common in Europe or America as it is used in everyday life. In Asian countries, UV blockers, especially sunscreens with BIG agents, are part of the daily skin care routine. In Western countries we love golden tanned skin and tend to combine the lack of protective UV filters, so we just ignore this step.

Learn how to best care for your skin: remember that the most important part of your daily skin care routine is before falling asleep. You can improve the air quality by ventilating your room during the day, especially in spring.

Air quality affects not only your body but also your mood.

What about the interior?

It seems smaller spaces like a house or a room are obviously easier to clean . Therefore, nowadays, manufacturers pamper us with the latest cleaning technologies. We have many types of machines and filters in various shapes and sizes that help us keep the air quality at the highest level. However, you don’t have to buy it and put it in your showroom. Some of them are small and unobtrusive.

In addition, there are also recommendations on what plants should be grown in your home to improve air quality in the most natural way possible. The most effective plants are Sansewieria Guinea, Common Ivy, and also Gerbera (selected by NASA).

Remember that adhering to just one bullet may not produce the results you would expect. Of course, it’s best to try each one.

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