Get to know our cosmetics that are made out of love for nature

The Berkovicz brand was created out of love for the Tatra Mountains and the ingredients that nature gives us, which fuels your skin with element, energy and extraordinary power.

We believe that all the needs of your skin can be satisfied by the richness of nature, but only in combination with knowledge, experience and technology.

We create unique recipes from natural extracts and herbs for centuries known for their beautifying properties,
with innovative achievements of cosmetology. Our mission is to create products that delight you both with their naturalness and effectiveness.

Krokusowe Serum Odmładzające marki kosmetyków naturalnych Berkovicz.
Tatry. Stąd pochodzą składniki naturalnych kosmetyków marki Berkovicz.

In our cosmetics, we use the most interesting natural herbs and flower extracts to enable you to use them in your daily ritual.

Nature enriched with science

In our cosmetics, we use the power of natural ingredients – extracts of flowers and herbs, which have been known for their unique properties for centuries. We support their operation with innovative cosmetological formulas to increase their effectiveness and activity in the skin. Our priority is quality, thanks to which you will achieve harmony and the results you expect.

Innovation in cosmetics

Adding so many active ingredients in high concentrations to our cosmetics using natural preservatives that are the safest for you is a huge challenge for our technologists. Before the product reaches you, we make it
in the laboratory, dozens of trials lasting months or even years, before we are sure that we have created something perfect for your skin.

Strategy for creating unique products

From the beginning, we have been guided by the motto to create products that not only have ingredients that we can show off on the packaging, but add enough of them to really work. We believe that our product will defend itself with its composition thanks to this strategy.

Siedem najlepszych herbat do pielęgnacji skóry
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